'Everyone is Valued' - Happy workplace based on universal respect

December 1, 2016

Treating employees like family is one of the keys to the positive company culture underlying property-management firm Advanced Management Co. and its in-house construction division, R³ Construction Services Inc., according to Director of Training Rose Fitzgerald. Advanced Management Co. and R³ Construction made a second appearance among the Orange County Register's Top Workplaces in 2015.

“AMC and R³ are a company, and we have a business to run. But we are also a family,” Fitzgerald said. “In our family,everyoneis valued,everyonehas a voice, andeveryoneis treated with respect and consideration. We celebrate each other's successes and we stand by each other when difficulties arise. It's rare for a company to celebrate their employee's 10th, 20th and 30th anniversaries, but not at AMC and R³.”

Founded in 1982 by Rick Julian and Frank Holloway, Irvine-based Advanced Management Co. and R³ Construction currently serve about 8,000 families, focusing on bringing quality, innovation and environmental living to thousands of apartment homes.

Vice President Danielle Holloway noted, “AMC and R³ are at the forefront of design, quality and innovation in the property-management and construction industries. We handle all property management and renovations in-house. We build our custom cabinetry right here in our Irvine warehouse. We choose energy-efficient, durable products that improve the lives of our residents and the quality of our buildings, providing the best return for our investors. We prioritize a balanced lifestyle eminent in our slogan: ‘Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live Green.'”

Ethical foundation

“AMC and R³ Construction were built on a foundation of honest and ethical business practices with the vision to bring quality living to apartment homes,” Fitzgerald said. “The company understands that the employees are the key to making that vision come true.”

Holloway added, “Our team fosters a culture that genuinely cares about one another, our residents and our investors. Our employees' passion, motivation and drive for excellence create a positive work environment that pushes us to our best potential.”

Fitzgerald and Holloway noted that the company strives to ensure that each employee is cared for with a competitive salary and a fully paid health benefits package that encompasses medical insurance; life insurance; dental and vision coverage;  a 401-K program with a 3 percent employer match; and paid holidays, including one's birthday.

The company hosts annual team events, such as its Employee Health Expo that offers free health screenings to all employees, industry-related training, fitness and wellness courses. The company also engages its team members in a variety of philanthropic endeavors, such as its annual companywide beach-cleanup event, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, collecting back-to-school backpacks and supplies for children in need, providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need and adopting a family for the holidays.

Culture of respect

Fitzgerald noted that the company culture of Advanced Management Co. and R³ Construction is based on respect, leading by example, trust, accountability, and valuing the knowledge and ideas of team members.

“Employees are encouraged to ask questions, ask for help when needed and feel empowered to offer their ideas and suggestions,” she said. “Although we do have high expectations of our team, we also encourage having fun at work!”

Holloway noted that the company's leadership strives to lead team members within the organization by example.

“Through their compassion, generosity and honest, diligent work ethic, the leaders of our company inspire each team member to emulate this behavior towards our residents and investors,” she explained. “They lead by example and expect every individual to do their best, be honest and do the right thing.”

Recruitment and development

When recruiting, the company looks for adaptability, positivity, passion, graciousness, goal-orientation and honesty, in addition to the specific skills and experience required for any given position, Fitzgerald and Holloway noted.

“We also value good problem-solving skills and the ability to think outside of the box and find working solutions for our clients,” Fitzgerald added.

To encourage career-development and advancement among team members, Advanced Management Co. and R³ Construction have established a Career Track team devoted to diligently tracking each team member's career path and helping them to stay on track with their own personal career goals, noted Fitzgerald.

The company has also developed a peer-to-peer training program designed to help employees learn and grow to prepare themselves for advancement opportunities as they become available. Additionally, the company offers certification programs in specific areas relevant to its industry.

Advanced Management Company

Industry: Real-estate

Employees in region: 343

Headquarters: Irvine

Founded: 1982

Website: amcliving.com

Recruitment Website: r3construction.com


    Top Workplaces – Orange County Register, 2013, 2015

What employees enjoy

    “AMC works around your work and family life.”
    “I work for a great company.”
    “It's fun, meaningful and makes me feel important.”